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Starkweather Quality Productions™ Presents:

"Born Again"


New talent JAMES EARL CASH stars in STARKWEATHER'S "BORN AGAIN', in which our hero has been brought back from the dead. Unbeknownst to the public, CASH's execution was all a ruse, thanks to the corrupt Darkwoods Penitentiary staff. The "lethal injection" he received was nothing more than a strong sedative. In one of the first scenes, CASH wakes up from his "sleep" and finds himself locked in a room. Over the intercom, STARKWEATHER instructs CASH to put on a wireless earpiece and tells him: "Now only you can hear me and that's the way you're going to want it because I'm the way out of this mess...Do exactly as I say and I promise this will be over before the night is out." In the next scene, we find CASH in the abandoned section of Carcer City, where the streets are patrolled by a gang (THE HOODS), who have been hired by Starkweather to hunt CASH down. It's a night of kill or be killed for the delight of the Director...STARKWEATHER. This is the first scene of the STARKWEATHER collection, definitely a must have for any fan.

Weapons For Sale


Much like the whisky bottle, the brick is used throughout Starkweather's work as both a lure and a weapon. Hunters smashed in the face with bricks never die but stamble and see stars.


Designed to cut through thick vegetation such as sugar cane and jungle undergrowth, it also lends itself well to be used as an offensive weapon as well. This is the favored weapon for the Wardogs who inflict ghastly injuries as seen in "Grounds for Assault." Order now and we'll throw in a sheath.


Used for more than sports, this weapon is the favored tool of the "Hoods". Two hits to the face and he's out! These are the actual bats that have been used in Starkweather's films and are signed by individual hunters!

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